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Jamie locked the door behind them and shoved the girl gently onto the bed, gentle, but still a shove. “Now, my dear. How about you show me just what you’re offering?”
His would-be captive struggled to sit back up amidst a heap of expensive silk, one part her dress and the other a rather lavish red bedspread for the captain’s comfort. Funny such an old coot would sleep under red silk.
Her curls obscured her lovely eyes for a moment, and she batted them out of the way and shot a nervous look at the porthole.
“What? Shy, my lady, after that impressive demonstration of verve out on the deck?”
She sat up straight, tugging her modest bodice into place, and then, almost as if she’d forgotten herself, let it alone. No matter. His eyes were glued to the spot anyway. She really was a luscious piece. Time to see if she meant what she said.
“Come on, my sweet. Let’s get better acquainted.”
Jamie chuckled, half disappointed. The girl didn’t seem the least bit wanton now that he’d called her on it. Perhaps she just wanted to delay her impending marriage to an old man. Risky strategy, though, offering herself up to a pirate. He chided softly, “I thought you were eager to take your pleasure.”
Again, she glanced anxiously toward the porthole. “Well, not with everyone out there knowing what we’re doing in here.”
He approached her, leaned over, and placed his palms on the red silk spread, so she was caged in between his arms. “Show me you know what you’re doing, girl, or tell me why you’re playing this outrageous game.”
“Well, I didn’t say I was a doxy,” she had the nerve to mutter.
“I rather like doxies. I’m willing to branch out into outrageously beautiful members of the upper class now and then, though.” He ran his lips along her soft cheek. She was trembling. “Only if they know the game of course.” Her little chin was sharp, and he nibbled on it for a second before making his way to her lips. He was hard as a poker just from this innocent foreplay, which boded well for if he ever got her into his bed. On the other hand, it would be sheer torture to have her close at hand and not be able to bed her. So he would know before he brought her aboard which it would be and save himself the trouble if it were the latter.
He kissed her lightly, murmuring approvingly, “You taste delicious.”
“Wouldn’t this be more comfortable on your ship, Captain Banion?”
“Jamie,” he urged, settling down beside her on the bed.