A Writer's Mind is a terrible thing to waste!

On May 9th I’ll be opening my blog, A Writer’s Mind to promote authors in a whole new way. There will be four FREE promotional opportunities every week. Here’s the new criteria…

Monday Covers It

When? Every Monday

Guidelines: Time to promote one of your book covers and the details behind its creation. You wrote the story. Tell us why you chose the design behind its particular cover. Was it a scene from the book? A melting pot of many scenes? Why did you choose the faces shown on the cover? If there aren’t faces, why did you choose what you did? Have you won any awards for this cover or are you in any current cover contests?

Midweek Meet & Greet. Crawl Inside A Writer's Mind.

When? Tuesday through Thursday

Guidelines: A uniform author interview will be provided. This is the time to share all. How you became the author you are today. What inspired you to keep on going? This interview will be a new sort of interview. One that will hopefully share with readers something unique about you. Anyone who has been to A Writer’s Mind and read my interviews knows I don’t hold back. Expect the unexpected with my questions. Why not? Your readers will love it!

End of Week Character Blowout

When? Every Thursday and Friday

Guidelines: Time to crawl inside the minds of your main characters. Staple interview provided by me for your hero and heroine. Your heroine’s interview will be posted on Thursday, your hero’s on Friday.

Extras: Blurb, mini review on each day, link to read excerpt both days. Up to seven personal links.

What I’ll need from you: Book cover and all info requested above. At least three pictures per post that you feel represent your story.

Treat Yourself. Book Trailer Breather.

When? Every Saturday

Guidelines: Time to share your book trailer! We're in between work weeks so let’s have some fun. Share a little bit about your story. Perhaps chat about creating your book trailer. The ups and downs. All goes! Relaxed and chatty tone welcome with this post.

Once your featured dates are established, all required information must be provided to me and I will post. Save the End of the Week Character Blowout, weekly posts will not necessarily relate to one another. Various authors will most likely be promoted in the same week depending on what style of promotion you prefer.

Can you book all of the promotional days in one week? Yes.

Contact me at Sky@SkyPurington.com if you would like to promote at A Writer’s Mind. Please put ‘Blog Promotions’ in the subject line.

Thanks so much!

~Sky Purington