I have a fun blog post running for e-book readers who like browsing a variety of bargain ebooks in one convenient place. All four of my Kindle titles are on sale for 99 cents on Kindle through the end of May and a few of them are also on sale on Nook for the same price.

I've been inviting other authors to list their 99 cent and under ebook bargains in the comments and to date, have over 100 blurbs and clickable sales links listed in the comments with the number growing daily. If you have an e-reader, stop by and load up your device with lots of 99 cent books in a variety of genres and bookmark it to check back for more titles later in the spring. The post is at: http://bit.ly/e5g1P2

All of the authors have guaranteed that their sales prices will extend through May 8 and many will be kept at 99 cents for longer.

Authors, if you have a 99 cent title on Kindle, Nook or Smashwords, (or a free download somewhere) I’d love to have you list it in the comments of http://bit.ly/e5g1P2 . Here’s how:

1. Your sale must last through at least May 8.

2. Stop by and please leave a one paragraph description and no more than two links in your comment.

3. You can leave multiple books, but my spam filter only allows two links per comment so please leave additional comments if necessary. If you have several titles and formats on sale, it may be easier to steer visitors toward your web site or Amazon author page rather than to individual retail links.

4. Please use the Share icons for Facebook and Twitter if you leave a link to help spread the word to readers about this post.