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    Here are some of the most recent novels that I've enjoyed:

    Jackpot by Lainey Bancroft - a female casino security supervisor finds romance

    Hit List by Darcia Helle - A man hires a beautiful investigator to discover why his mother is losing her mind

    Deirdre Martin's New York Blades series - follows the romances of members of a pro hockey team
    Stacy Juba
    Mysteries, Romance and Children's Books
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    Here's a few more recent reads:

    Spouse Hunting by Lisa Scott - A young woman goes house hunting and falls for her real estate agent.

    Special Delivery by Elaine Raco Chase - After delivering a bellygram message, a businesswoman is snowed in with the message's recipient at his company.
    Stacy Juba
    Mysteries, Romance and Children's Books

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