Stephanie Morris' Caught Up in the Moment: That One Night

Teagan Bishop made a pact with three of her best friends but she had no idea the amount of trouble it could lead to. She has achieved the goals she has set in life. Teagan has a successful career, respectable education, and she is independent. Yet, something is missing. She doesnít realize what it is...until she ends up in bed with her best friend. Still, Teagan knows she and Jonas had only been caught up in the moment and nothing can come of it. Or can it?

Jonas Wheeler has been harboring a secret for five years. He is attracted to his best friend, Teagan. When they end up in bed together after a late night work session, he realizes his opportunity to make his interest in her known, has come. Now all he has to do is convince Teagan that a relationship between them will be just as good as the friendship they currently have. He didnít realize how intent Teagan would be in trying proving him wrong, but he isnít giving up without a fight.

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