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FIVE STARS from Blackrose Reviews

Keta Diablo is a master when it comes to historical romance and has proven once again that she is a delightful storyteller who deserves to have all of her novels read.

Derek is a struggling man trying to find his way in life where the Stafford name is above reproach. Derek, a recent widow, as his first wife Lucinda recently died by drowning is always being forced to hear from his father that the first son who gives him a male heir receives the title to the Stafford manor. Everything changes when a horrible accident happens on one of his boats.

Raine along with her parents were traveling on a boat descended to land in Norfolk when there was a terrible accident. Raines parents were lost at sea. Now Raine has nowhere to go and nothing to leave on. When she is sent to the Stafford Manor to seek employment, she is not expecting to be attracted to Derek the man of the house. Raine is intensely attracted to Derek at first sight. She finds herself unexpectedly watched after by a friendly spirit that seems to be watching out for her.

What will Derek do to lower himself to get the title to Stafford manor? What will Raine do to get the money to get home to her elderly grandfather? How will one’s feelings of blossoming love result to feelings of hate? How will two characters that are meant to stand the test of time be able to be apart? These are just a few questions to ask yourself while reading this great novel.

Sojourn with a Stranger is absolutely wonderful. I was captivated and submerged from the beginning to the end. This is not your typical love story but nonetheless spellbinding. Derek is a man who is struggling to make a place in a world where his family’s name is above reproach. While Raine is a very strong willed and prideful young lady. These two characters blend together effortlessly while keeping with the normal love hate relationship they seem to share. You will be immersed in the pages of this great romantic historical novel.

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Five Stars – HOT Historical Romance with Ghostly Element, April 2011 L. Jenkins Amazon Reviewer
This review is for Sojourn With A Stranger (Kindle Edition)

Ms. Diablo excels at creating characters with depth and charisma and then placing them in unusual, sometimes uncomfortable, situations.

This ghostly historical captivates with its snappy dialogue, broody, mysterious leading man, and naïve but stubborn heroine. Add in sundry delightful secondary characters and a storyline that blends mystery, romance and the supernatural into a tightly woven, beautiful tapestry, and you have a sure-fire dynamite of a read. The story is outstanding, the characters are delightful and the hot intimate scenes are tastefully described in such a way that is sure to set fire to your heart. Pick this book and be transported away from the ordinary.
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My Book Addiction and More, April Renn
Five Stars From Amazon Kindle

SOJOURN WITH A STRANGER by Keta Diablo is an exciting paranormal historical romance set in 1870 Norfolk, Virginia. This is an interesting story full of intrigue, danger, ghost, paranormal, sweet sensuality, family, legend, voodoo and love.

When penniless Raine Brinsley arrives in Norfolk, after her mother and father drown at sea. She is sent to the house of the ship's owner, Derek Stafford, and when he offers her a proposition, she is stunned and outraged. Derek's wife has been dead for several months, leaving him without an heir. For all the children they had either died at birth or she miscarried. Distraught, his wife kills herself by walking into the sea. Or, so they thought.

In order for Derek to inherit his beloved Stafford House, he must have a male heir. A contract is written with Raine having to spend three nights in Derek bedchamber and follow the rules he and a healer require and give up the said child at birth. She will be paid handsomely for this service.

Raine only wants to get back to Maine and her beloved Scottish grandfather. But not only is Derek's deceased wife walking the halls, trying to help Raine, but someone will go to great lengths to stop the birth of said heir, if one should exist.

After one night in each other’s arms, guilt, the loss of Derek's soul (so he thinks), and Raine's struggle not to fall in love with Derek, becomes Derek's penance. He voids the contract and sets Raine free. Derek leaves Norfolk, telling no one where he is going and leaving Raine alone, thinking she will take the money he left for her and go back to her beloved grandfather and Maine. But while Derek leaves evil lurks in the shadows.

This is a fast paced, page-turning story of love, finding forgiveness with ones self, and looking forward to the future. Dreams can come true, if you only believe. If you enjoy paranormal, ghosts, historical romance and a great love story this is the story for you. I so enjoyed this story and would suggest you go to your favorite on line site and purchase "Sojourn With A Stranger".

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My Review – Romine’s Romance:

Five Stars & Recommended Read

Keta Diablo has proven time and again she is a very gifted storyteller and should be ranked among those who grace the bookshelves of all who love to read.

Sojourn with a Stranger is captivating and spellbinding. I loved it from beginning to end. This is not your typical love story and yet is so very enchanting. Derek and Raine are character that will stand the test of time. A man struggling to find his way in a world where the family name is above honor and a woman whose pride will not be denied. They meld together effortlessly. Keta Diablo is by far among the best romantic historical novelists of our time. You will get lost in the pages of this enthralling tale!

It was not my plan to read this book this weekend. I already have a list to read in line with my current challenges. I opened it to look through as I do with any new book. I choose a page and start reading just to get a feel for it.

Well that was enough, I started reading and simply could not stop. If you have read my more recent reviews this is not an easy feat. I am very particular about books I put my stamp of stars on, but this is going on the shelf of favorites and “must reads”.

It is listed as an erotic romance, which to me is annoying, as the erotic romance so many time gets a bad rap. Many see erotic and think that its pages of unadulterated sex bordering on the side of pornography. It is wonderful books like Sojourn with a Stranger that are overlooked due to the stigma of this label.

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