Here are the basic concepts we'll cover each M, T, and W in Creating a Marketing Plan.

Week 1
The Scariest Part of Marketing and How to Overcome It
Avoiding Brand X: Creating a Bio
Leaving a Silver Bullet: Your Signature Matters

Week 2
Who's Out There: Identifying Your Audience
Finding Waldo: Targeting Your Audience
Creating a Resource List

Week 3
Who's Your Daddy: Identifying Support Groups
Mother May I: Where Should You Promote?
WIIFM* or When Shouldn't You Promote?
Adding to your resource list

*WIIFM: what's in it for me

Week 4
Filling in the Blanks: The Template for Your Personalized Marketing Plan
Sharing The Results
Victory Sock Hop (Socks Optional)

The last day of class will be the one that benefits you the most -- if you've been attending. I promise you, sticking it out will be worth more than you thought possible.