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    Post 04 Leaving a Silver Bullet: Your Signature Matters

    Always, always, always **sign** your email and give a **URL** for your site or book(s)!

    There are two parts to this lesson. The importance of:

    1. Your signature
    2. Your URL (domain name)

    How important are they? Imagine this scenario... Six months from now, a reader is searching archives of a forum or group online, looking for a book in your genre. They come across an excerpt that you posted. While reading, the reader falls in love with the hero, can't wait to read more, and looks to see who wrote the book.

    Is there a URL to your publisher? Is your publisher named? Is your book's title listed? What about the ISBN?


    Well then surely, you at least signed the message with your name, right, and your website or blog?


    You'd be amazed how often authors commit this kind of sales suicide. Never post a message about your book without signing it, and giving at least your website. Never.

    Some Yahoo groups and other places limit your signature to two or three lines. If so, then include:

    Your Name
    Author of Your Current Book Title


    Your Name
    Your Brand Slogan

    Treat your writing as a business. When posting about your book on a chat, an author day, interview, leaving an excerpt, and so on, always always always sign your message with the name you want people to remember. Add your website URL.

    People don't often remember how you start, but they do remember how you finish. Finish with your signature.
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    So true - keep it professional and it'll work well.
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    I guess I have learned something about marketing since starting my blogs, lol. Yes, signature is important. I try to make that the first stop when signing up to a new site/forum.

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