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    Post 07 WIIFM* or When Shouldn't You Promote?

    WIIFM = What's In It For Me. We're going to discuss when is the best time to promote by looking at the worst times. What might some of those be?

    When Not To Promote

    1. During another author's chat day or featured time period.
    2. On a group on days set aside for other activity.
    3. In the comments of another person's blog.
    4. In an area that doesn't pertain to your writing's subject. (ex. Posting your Cowboy Romance promo on a site called "For Goths Only"). Of course, if your cowboy falls in love with a goth girl, then by all means - go for it! Otherwise, steer clear (pun intended).

    What other times / places might be inappropriate?

    1. When a conversation is underway on a topic unrelated to your writing.
    2. When you're not sure it's the right time or place.
    3. During or after a sensitive period related to your writing. A good example occurred after 9/11. The Spiderman movie was scheduled to open the weekend after. It was delayed because the ending had to be reshot - originally, he caught the bad guys by stringing a web between the Twin Towers.
    4. When you're not sure it's the right time or place. Yes, I repeated that. Go with your gut.

    Homework for today: Consider your latest promo effort. List three ways you could tell if it's appropriate to promote in a particular place or time.
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