How many of you have bookmarks in your browser? Pretty much all of you I bet. Earlier this year, I had a major malfunction with Internet Explorer 8 and couldn't get it to play videos no matter what I did. Eventually whatever caused the issue snowballed into other problems and I finally had to bite the bullet and switch permanently to using Mozilla Firefox. In the process of reinstalling IE, I lost all my latest bookmarks.

Fortunately, I'm in the habit of backing up files and one that I save quarterly is my internet Favorites folder. Favorites can also be imported from one browser to another, and isn't that a great option!

Your Personal Resource File is a composite of the most-used and most-effective bookmarks, as well as a list of who to contact for various aspects of promoting. Note: not all will apply to each author and/or publisher

  • Publisher's in-house review coordinator
  • Review site submission eddresses* and contacts
  • Promo site contacts if you work with one
  • Yahoo group moderators and owners for groups where you participate

* An "eddress" is an email address

Keeping these in a single document can be helpful. It puts everyone a click away. What types of sites are most important to you?