Mine has been a series of goals, each a focus for my efforts until it was achieved. I won't bother to list them, outside of the obvious one of becoming published as widely as I can, because most of them only make sense to me...like "Word-smith".
I came across it in a science fiction novel by Robert Heinlein many years ago and initially thought it a word he'd made up for the storyline. A check in the dictionary showed it to be a genuine word and part of the definition was "a prolific and fluent writer" and I had a new goal, albeit a secret one.
Years later, an editor, with no knowledge of me beyond the manuscript being edited, wrote "you are a real word-smith" and I felt ten feet tall.
I had a period when financial reward drove me and I wrote where the money lay but it didn't last and, fortunately, the stories proved as transient as the rewards and copies of the magazines they appeared in sit in a file in my office.
My current goal is simple, to write and learn until I can attempt any genre with confidence, and its broadness is a mark of my progress as a writer.
I wish you all the same journey.