Chapter 1

"Liz? Are you listening to me? Seriously, we’re here to collect your inheritance and you aren’t even paying attention."

Chad startled me from the screen on my cell phone. It kept beeping with the so-called "urgent" text messages Rick fired off at me every ten seconds.

"Sorry. It’s Rick, again. You know how pissed he is that I wouldn’t let him come down with us. He doesn’t understand why I called you first instead of him."

Chad shrugged. "You know it wouldn’t have been good for him to come down here after all that Marcus mess."

I nodded.

Yes, I knew all about the Marcus mess. Who could forget finding out that you’re the offspring of a vampire and human—a Dhampiresa? Who could forget that your vampire father had promised you to another? Oh, and that the other vampire was the best roll in the sack you’d ever had. Not to mention that he’d killed someone you cared about, hung the guy you had a relationship—of sorts—with, and tried to get you to leave everyone you loved in order to become his slave for all eternity.

"Yeah, I know," I sighed.

Poor Rick had been abducted by Marcus. He’d been bitten over and over, drained of just enough blood to survive until I'd arrived, and then strung up in a tree. Chad and I had searched all day—lake after lake—in order to find Rick. Luckily, we discovered him just in time to save his life and send him off in an ambulance. Marcus hadn’t been as lucky when I got finished with him.

Now we were sitting here in the office of my new, high-class attorney, Jim Conrad. We had come all the way to Atlanta to finish up the paperwork for my claim on the inheritance from lifelong family friend, Adele Brickman. Adele's death had enlightened me in more ways than one. Due to her role in my parentage, she'd felt obligated to me and left a hefty sum of money, real estate, businesses, and much more...including her attorney, Jim. {READ MORE}