This is my first short story and first paranormal erotica story. It was so much fun to write that I know it won't be my last.

Dark Promises: Promises made behind closed doors; sinister; dangerous deals made after dark.
Sabrina is in love with her boyfriend Joshua. She knew he was the one the moment she heard those three little words: I'm a vampire. Now, after five happy years together, Sabrina wants a commitment. No, not marriage—though she wouldn't mind that. No, Sabrina wants Joshua to turn her. She wants to have forever with the man she loves.

Joshua on the other hand, though he's deeply, madly in love with Sabrina, is afraid to inflict such pain on his beloved. With a past he doesn't want to remember and a brother he can't stand, he's simply worried about thrusting Sabrina into the life of a vampire. Specifically his murder-filled life.