“Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans, no more merciful beheadings, and call off Christmas!” [1]The Sheriff of Nottingham played by Alan Rickman in Robin Hood Prince of Theives, has to be one of the best villains ever to hit the movie screen. His character possessed a total lack of morals, conscience and decency towards humanity, along with a touch of humor from the dark-side. Wouldn’t we all love to write such a remarkable character and line?

Villains can sometimes be more memorable than the main characters of the story. How can the evil sheriff’s words be remembered over the focused couple/ protagonists of a love story? How can this happen?

Tough questions, but the truth is—a good villain can be such a strong force in a story. Whether they are dark and humorous, sinister and evil or ruled by fate, our villains need to be as real as the main characters. As the author there are a few questions we need to answer about our villains. Not only should we know how dark the villain must be, but who exactly is our villain, what is the motive behind the evil?...
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