My Coffee Corner mainly focuses on my adult books, but I wanted to start one thread for my children's picture books in the event that anyone is looking for reading material for their kids or grandkids! Both books feature gentle illustrations of bear families. Buy links for both are at:

The Flag Keeper: A fun book to read especially around Flag Day or July Fourth, available in paperback and in 99 cent e-book editions for Kindle, Nook and more. Elizabeth may be a little bear, but she treats the American flag with big respect. After Dad leaves for a trip, Elizabeth pledges to raise the flag all by herself and create her own Independence Day. This illustrated picture book teaches children about U.S. flag etiquette through a fiction story, flag facts, activity idea, and discussion questions.

Victoria Rose and the Big Bad Noise: E-book exclusive. 99 cents. Victoria loves her home and family, but boy does she hate the noises that invade her daily life. Her imagination transforms the blender into a growling bear, the vacuum cleaner into a lion and the lawnmower into a spaceship filled with monsters. With the help of a CD player, she decides that maybe a nasty noise like the blender is just music that doesn’t know how to sing.