In the spirit of shared insanity, I have decided once again to join a writing challenge. Every year for the past five, Iíve done NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month Ė write 50k words in the 30 days of November) and met my goal each time save one Ė and thatís only because I didnít set my time zone correctly on the website. It makes November crazy, but always productive!

I recently discovered another writing challenge site, called A Round of Words in 80 Days. In this one, you set your own goals to complete within 80 days. Sounds a little less hectic than NaNo! I do well with deadlines, so I figure Iíll give this a try.

Anyone whoís been asking me when my next book will come out has heard me say that it is written, but unedited. Every time I get into editing it, I get frustrated because itís not going to be so much an edit as a compete rewrite. Especially after my recent trip to New Orleans. There are so many things I want to incorporate from that trip into my next book, that a rewrite really is necessary.

So hereís my goal for the next 80 days: Finish the rewrite of Free Spirit. Iím not going to say itíll be completely edited by then, but Iíd like it to be in pretty decent shape with only some cleaning up and polishing to do before I send it in to the folks at Crescent Moon Press.

I have to make this goal! And hereís why: I have another book that Iím working on that is due to the publisher in less than a year. Iíd really like to complete my sequel before I get any farther into that book though. Also, I want to be able to answer peopleís questions about a sequel with a date! And the only way to do that is to get it into my editorsí hands.

Iím very excited that my husband, John, already jumped into the challenge with me. We may not have a very clean house for the next 2 and a half months, but I think writing a couple of books is a fair trade!

The 3rd round of ROW80 just began July 4th Ė who wants to join me?

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