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Lovely video,
The music works well with the photos. You kept me guessing. Good luck with your book.
How frustrating not to remember which programme you used. Could it have been Miscrosoft Movie Maker? or do you have tons of Photoshop Premiere Elements etc?
Did you save it to My Videos? Thank goodness you got it up on Utube before the computer crashed.


Thank you Rusty, I saved the Video - but to the machine that crashed. So all. I really loved making the video too and would love to make another. I saw a very funny clip of Pride and Prejudice but the actors had modern language superimposed on subtitles. It was a scream I don't know how they get those videos though. When I have some time I'll poke around with it. I have no idea if the book is selling or not - the publishers tells me nothing. I am looowww priority