In October of 1976, when I was just a young thing recently graduated from high school and not yet a student at Kent State University, I went to a live concert at the now-defunct Agora in Cleveland Ohio, where a local band of epic fame in Cleveland and surrounding areas was recording their new album, Stage Pass. I still have a vinyl recording of this album. In fact, I still have vinyl recordings of all their albums, and thanks to iTunes, I can also listen to my favorite tracks from those albums on my iPod.

We followed The Michael Stanley Band around the area at local bars and state fairs, all through high school and during my college years. They played an amazing concert at Kent State University during my junior year there. Why they never made it big nationally is a mystery to all of us who adore their music.

The video clip above is their song Midwest Midnight, and I love the haunting, nostalgic lyrics. They speak of chasing fame, and finding out it's not exactly what you thought it would be once you get there. Listening to them the other day, after an email conversation with my editor, inspired me to write this blog post.

One line especially struck me: Chasing the fame keeps 'em all in the game but money's still the way they keep score.