I posted this to my blog today:

One of the oft-touted phrases among writers is: kill your darlings. In other words, sometimes you have to delete a scene you like because it doesn't belong or it doesn't move the story forward. One of the darlings I had to kill for A Secret Life was a short exchange between the pirate hero, Blake, and the snooty theater manager, Roger Style. Style is trying to get Blake to fill in on stage when they're short an actor. This is after Blake has declared he wrote the play (which we know was really written by the heroine, Min). Remember this takes place in Elizabethan London. It's mostly dialog because I never got around to fleshing it out, but I thought it was fun nevertheless.

"I don't do jigs," Blake said.
Style arched an eyebrow. "Then you can sing a-."
"I donít sing."
"What about-."
"You donít even know what I was going to say."
"It doesnít matter."
"Iíve never met a poet with so little...poetry in his soul."
Blake bent down so that he was eye to eye with the little toad. "You haven't seen me wield a sword yet."