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Is there such a thing as something for nothing? That depends on who you ask. Well, of course, I want you to buy my books. But, I want you to get something even if you don’t! My blog is ad-less because that’s the way I want it. The only consumer highlight is on the info page entitled Novels. Those are mine. The posts are tidbits about life as I see, hear, smell, taste and feel it.

Now, yesterday, it was hot, muggy and humid here is Louisiana. Yet, that didn’t stop hubby from requesting gumbo for Sunday dinner. (And—yeah—I cooked it yesterday for today.) My something for nothing for you is Suffer through, I mean, accompany me on my journey to create the best bowl of Yumbeaux you’ve ever seen. For you, I’ve included the steps and pictures.

If you’re feeling magnanimous and want to share, leave me a tidbit about that special dish you love to prepare. Contact me if you want to share your best eats in a post. This is a journey and I’m not on it alone.

Nicked Hearts(2011)

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