Readers, Authors welcome to my first workshop at Coffee Time Romance. I figured it was best to just jump in and see how this thing works okay? Ready?

Author Gender seems to be the biggest problem many writers face when creating characters and it’s just not necessary! I’ve been cross gender writing for years and the biggest compliment I’ve received was regarding how well I had my editors fooled when they finally spoke to me. When asked how I write the other gender so well, I replied that observation was my biggest tool used to help me identify. Look around you at TV, newspapers, music. If men aren’t being portrayed as tough and rugged by the media, then they’re portrayed as angry and aggressive.

But Authors have to be objective in their portrayal of their characters! Men aren’t aggressive and angry for no reason at all (most anyway!) but unless we dig further into the depths of the man’s mind, and his soul, we’ll be lost forever in testosterone!

Let’s start from the top and go inward, shall we?

Give him a physical description: Obviously your publisher, audience and the genre dictate a lot of that, but we’re still given quite a bit of control. My Opeth Pack Males all have similar features, they’re all Hungarian by birth, smoke cigars, drink, have muscle, etc. Typical characteristics. Give him facial characteristics too. Does he smirk? Or frown a lot? The usual.
Then the tough question comes out. Why? Why does he frown, dress casually, wear his hair the way he does?

Probably because he’s a man and that’s the way he likes it. Our first encounter with him may take form in any setting, but one thing should be clear from the start. Don’t mess with me! This applies if your hero is ultra Alpha or even Beta with strong Alpha tendencies. Variations occur.

Again the tough question must be asked, why is he such an ass? Or why does he react the way he does in today’s society when his method of being is no longer a necessity for survival?

A-Ha! Now we’ve hit a key phrase! His method of being is no longer a necessity for survival. This leads us to asking what archetype is he?

Take a breather!