Great news this week! Blood Moon, my paranormal romance, is now available at Barnes & Noble!
I hope you’ve taken the opportunity to read my contemporary/vampire romance Blood of the Beast, and found the tale of Demetri and Val as interesting as I did. For those of you that have, you know that Demetri has the most unlikely friend that provides sanctuary to my unlikely pair of compatriots when it’s needed the most.
Dominic Delano is that unlikely friend. Introduced in Blood of the Beast, Dominic is a faceless individual surrounded by wealth, and a close friend of Demetri. He holds the unlikely distinction of being a criminal lawyer in Bentham, New Jersey, and a vampire.
Due to the curse that haunts him, Dominic has his past and his present. In his past, he was a slave at an undisclosed southern plantation him. In the present, he defends the most devious and vile of souls in our judicial system. He can tell if his client is guilty or not with his supernatural skills, which seems to put quite a few on edge.
All of his trials, though, often don’t prevent his client from walking free.
When the guilty walk, the secretive and underground group of The Brotherhood of the Blood take matters into their own hands.
However, what happens when a foiled murder attempt of our lawyer erases his memory? As anyone would suspect, a vampire with amnesia could prove dangerous…
I wrote torrid historical romances for a living.
I’d be the first to admit writing was my love. Through the pages of a novel, I could live in a realm clouded by daydreams and fantasy. I preferred to exist in a world filled with imagination—where life ended with that eternal Happily Ever After.
Reality didn’t prepare me for the horror I witnessed on a cold September night.
He had died in my arms, the victim of a vicious and brutal crime.
I would never forget his gasping words or the molten gold of his eyes. He held my hand in his icy tough as that final gasp of breath escaped his lips.
Haunted, I left the city soon afterward, tormented by his handsome image.
I had been with him when he died.
Then, why, was he on my doorstep?