Wild Horse Press will soon re-released a new edition of Angel’s Fire, Demon‘s Blood. Angel’s Fire is a paranormal romance on the ghostly side–no vampires, only spirits, and I’m leaving you with a blurb and an exciting excerpt to life on the ghost hunter side…


Millions of people believe in the world of spirits. In their hearts, they imagine the past mingles with the present, where ghosts seek unattainable loved ones, and linger in a shadowed realm beyond sight.
Luke Angeles’ weekly television program, Those Among Us, brings those lost souls to the public. In the supernatural world, his crew of adept investigators offers solace and salvation, redemption for the lingering spirits caught between two worlds.
He believes in that realm, more firmly than any skeptic could imagine, and only investigative television reporter Eva Keyes dares to question his sanity.
Her cynicism would disrupt the perfect facade he’s erected over the centuries.
“Julian is evil and strife, the walking epitome of our sire’s daemon blood. Every catastrophe in recorded human history, since the mid-seventeenth century, Julian orchestrated. Name the crime, where mass populations were decimated, or vanished from the face of the earth without cause, and Julian was involved. There is too many who remain earthbound due to my brother’s crimes. I believe, with my death, Julian’s reign of terror will end.”
“And if things don’t work out the way you plan?”
“It’s a risk I have to take.” He admitted soberly. “The world is not prepared for the damage Julian could inflict.”
She shook her head, her expression grim. The expression in her eyes was firm and all softness left her gently rounded face. “I won’t have a hand in your death, Lucien.”
….stubborn girl
“You won’t?”
“You heard me.” She leaned even closer, their noses nearly touching. Instead of the breathlessness she experienced when she stared at Lucien, her heart leapt. Despite the placid calmness of his pale features, she detected the agitation swirling beneath the surface. He was everything he never revealed to the world, frustrated, angry, and defiant. However, she also sensed the pain hovering in a secretive place deep beneath the surface. “I won’t aide nor abet in your death.”
“You don’t comprehend the importance of my death, Evangeline. You’re the key toward ending this abomination.”
“Pardon?” She asked innocently. There was a calculating expression darting through her eyes, causing Lucien to flinch. “What abomination?”
“Me!” Lucien stared at her disbelievingly. He was anchored to the couch, unable to move unless he chose to unsettle her from her perch.
“You’ve managed so well, after all this time.”
“Evangeline,” he breathed huskily. “You know I need you.”
“That’s what every woman wants to hear in their lifetime,” she rolled her eyes, her cheeks pinkening. “Honestly, I think you need me for all the wrong reasons.”
Damn it!
“Temper, temper,” she smiled, and the action as sweet and beguiling as a siren. “Tell me, do I shatter your composure, D’Angel?”
Lucien lifted his hands and raked them through his hair, his expression one of marked frustration.
“During my entire existence…” he began through tightly clenched teeth, unable to continue as she became markedly serious.
“I lead a very private life.” Lucien’s hands fell to his sides and he forced himself not to grind his teeth. “With the exception of the past few years, I haven’t permitted myself to become known to the world around me. I’ve avoided contact with living beings. I….”
“I’ve my opinion on this entire nasty matter, Lucien D’Angel.” Eva leaned in closer, the warmth of her breath flooding his astonished features, and her dark eyes glittered. “How can you truly wish to die when you’ve never lived?”
….got a point there
“Evangeline, I have lived. I’ve existed for more years than a man has a right to walk this earth.” Lucien vehemently snarled his retort, surprising himself. In the past, he had never lowered himself to the baser of his more human instincts.
“You hit the proverbial nail right on the head, Lucien. You’ve existed,” she corrected cynically. “You’re right. You’re nothing more than a shell, as you admitted. I can gather you don’t eat, drink, or probably even sleep.”
“I sleep.” He denied in a low, guttural tones.
“Ah.” She breathed knowingly. “Then, it would be a dreamless sleep, lacking warmth and vibrancy.”
Lucien exhaled an oddly shuddering breath, wondering when she’d turned the tables on him. She didn’t reel away from him in fear as other mortals, nor did she clutch at her chest and stare at him with dazed eyes. He lifted a shaking hand from his lap and pressed his fingers to the middle of his chest. There, in the face of her calmness, an indefinable and intense ache started. Eva’s eyes fastened to his face as she leaned in closer, deliberately appearing to torment him. The ache in his chest intensified to the point he winced in agony.
“As you’ve declared, I exist, nothing more, nothing less.” He repeated haughtily, the entire effect ruined when he winced again and the pressure of his fingers increased in the region of his heart. “I want to end this excuse of a life.”
….ah, damn, she has that look!
Reese’s words swirled about them, the pronunciation unmistakably clear. In the midst of the pain assailing Lucien, Eva audaciously smiled.
“As I said, you existed. Existence doesn’t count as a life,” she persisted, her eyes deceptively wide and innocent. Lucien swore he could see the calculating inner workings of her mind in the brightness of her gaze.
“None the less,” he began firmly, only to be rudely interrupted by her inquisitive voice.
“When was the last time you actually touched a human being?” She murmured. She seemed entirely unaware the penetrating warmth of her incandescence bathed him in an all-embracing wave.
….ah, shit!
Lucien ignored Reese’s muttered profanity. “Humans don’t crave my touch.”
“I’m not just any human, am I, Lucien?”