Hi, all,

Mickie Sherwood here to invite you to participate in tomorrow’s (August 7, 2011) Blog Jog. It begins at 1:00am CST right on Mickie’s Mutterings. I’ll introduce you to the second love of my life and tell you how we met. While there, you’re free to roam around; enjoy some of my escapades; drool over my version of that yummy bowl of Yumbeaux you’ll see. Talk to me. I want you to share with me and my visitors.

Then and only then, after you’ve explored every nook and cranny (sounds like old people talk to me) of my blog, I’ll provide the link for you to continue this wonderful journey on the Blog Jog.

So, put on those jogging or walking shoes, whichever the case. Or better yet, limber up those fingers and get ready to sprint to a thrilling finish.

Remember! Blog Jog starts at 1:00am CST on Sunday, August 7, 2011 at Mickie’s Mutterings. Set those reminders. And—don’t be late!

Mickie Sherwood, author ofLouisianaHotSauceandNicked Hearts(2011)
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