Welcome as the Melange Authors take my blog by storm!

Week One has passed and some great authors have contributed! Thank you all!!

Let’s see what Week Two brings us. How about some more of the same great talent from the Melange Pub House?!

So don’t forget to drop by to see the eclectic and talented group of Melange authors as they talk about different issues of writing and what-not under the sun!

The Mystique - http://jademystique.blogspot.com

This week we have:
7 – Mila Ramos
8 - Glenn Parkhurst
9 – Jack Wear
10 - Ann Regentin
11 – Nick Howard
12 - Heather Cashman (booked in beginning of July)
13 - Herbert Grosshan

Have something specific you want to tell your favorite Melange author, drop by and leave a note!

See you all there!!!