Hello Everyone,

Just a little sticky note to welcome you all to my very own forum, courtesy of those wonderful folk at Coffee Time Romance. I'm fairly new on the romance scene, but loving every minute of the genre and looking forward to meeting a whole host of fantastic people like yourselves.

I'm pretty easy going about what gets posted in the Forum, if you want to discuss the latest hot releases, how your dog just chewed up your manscript or how American Idol screwed up the voting, that's cool. I do have just a couple of rules, simply because rules make our life simple, yeah?

So here they are. Da Rools.

Any posts not relating to my stories or how wonderful I am, , I ask that you post in the Pilot's Cockpit sub forum. And that you keep the discussions in the other sub-forum's on topic. Most of them are provided really to help spread information on my universe and to help you understand the difficulties my people face when they're trying to survive on a barren rock floating in the middle of space.

For the Pilot's Cockpit just about anything goes subject and post wise except the following:

1. No flaming, overt rudeness to other people or general nastiness will not be allowed. Everyone has a right to say what they think, but keep it nice or the comment will be moderated right out of the Airlock and vaporized into space.
2. Please ask me before you Promo on my forums, there are amples of opportunites to promo within Coffee Time Romance. I will probably let you promo but I would like to be able to timetable these types of posts to avoid flooding the forum with them.
3. Keep the posts legal. You want to talk about forced non-consensual sex, sex with minors or any of the other crazy stuff, I'll personally hand you over to the local cops, after I've introduced you to the local full body atomizer first. They can deal with the ashes.

That's it. common sense rules really but sometimes ones that get forgotten in the heat of a deep debate.

So, if I haven't scared you all off yet, please, come in, wipe the solar dust from your shoes and make yourself home in the antigrav chair.

We've got some really strange worlds to discuss. I'll be slowly filling these pages over the next few weeks, and am looking forward to seeing you all in here.