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Excerpt 1

He steered onto a gravel road that climbed a long hill. A blacktop driveway stretched toward a secluded A-frame log home. It could hardly be called a cabin. Its tall windows reached several stories high. A generous deck wrapped around it, with an opening for the stairs leading from the parking area. Sunlight poured through gaps in the clouds and through the branches of towering evergreens surrounding the house.
She felt her mouth gaping, and snapped it shut. “You live here?” His job must pay better than I thought.
“Yep, for now. Me and Frodo.”
“Your roommate’s a hobbit?” she deadpanned.
He pulled the keys from the ignition. “A cat, actually.”
Assessing the stairs ahead, she frowned. “But there are too many steps. You should have just taken me home.”
“You need to stay off that foot. Keep it propped up. You need me,” he said softly, “to take care of you.”
Right. Because he had a sudden protective urge? Probably brought on by his business proposition.
His smug smile as he climbed out irked her, but she couldn’t fault him for her injury. The blame lay squarely on herself. She’d always made an idiot out of herself around him. So focused on him, she couldn’t see where she was going. Just like today.

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