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With a gasp, she clutched the seat as they roared away. “What do you think you’re doing? Let me out, you asshole.”
He knelt in front of her and slid his hands up her thighs. “You called me ‘baby’.”
She hoped he’d missed that. He definitely seemed too clear-eyed now.
Through clenched teeth, her voice shook. “It’s an expression. I am not one of the Bimbo Brigade.”
Clasping her neck, he drew her close. “Thank God.” His lips brushed hers.
Anger melted into confusion, surged with passion. “Stop,” she whispered.
“I can’t.” He leaned between her legs, gripped her ass and slid her against him. Tender yet fierce, his lips sought hers, his tongue probed.
White static filled her brain. How could he feel so good when he was all wrong?
“No.” She broke away.
He sank onto his feet, the deepest yearning in his eyes. “Billie.” His urgent whisper sounded like a fervent prayer.
His plea awakened something fierce and tender within her. “Dammit.” Her urgent whisper matched his.
His face lit with hope.
“Jet.” An overwhelming urge hijacked her reasoning. She fought to regain it but lost ground.
He drew a ragged breath and touched her cheek.
“Don’t.” She couldn’t finish her thought. Don’t toy with me. Don’t break my heart.
“Shh.” His finger traced her lips. He eased in slowly.
Although she had every opportunity to stop him, instead she clutched his shirt. “You won’t remember this tomorrow, anyway.” She pressed her lips to his, wrapped her legs behind his.
His embrace engulfed her as he pulled her to the floor. “Oh yes, I will.” With soft, purposeful kisses, he kept his eyes open, watching as if to imprint her in his memory.
Yes, he’d remember.
And so would she. Dammit.

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