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    Default Poseidon VII Excerpt 1 - Adult content

    As the lights came on and the comforting hum of the air supplier started up, Anis felt some of her terror fading. Her screams degenerated to heavy sobs as the weight of her childhood phobia clung to her heart.

    “Anis! Anis, open the door!”

    Through the tears she finally heard Simon’s shouting and banging.

    Somehow she managed to stumble over to the door and open the lock. Still sobbing heavily, she wiped her eyes as the door opened.

    Simon stepped through the door and wrapped her in his arms.

    “I couldn’t see,” Anis sobbed into his shoulder, seeking comfort from his warmth and gentleness. “Couldn’t breathe. So dark, quiet.”

    “It’s okay,” Simon reassured her, softly stroking her back. The long, slow pressure eased away her fears.

    Anis clung harder. The dread of blackout was still a chill in her bones, but her sobs were easing and the memory was less overpowering with Simon beside her, holding her.

    She’d never felt this close to him before. His freshly showered scent filled her. Where his hands stroked her, a warm fire was beginning to build under her skin. She pressed herself closer to him and found herself reveling in his touch, hungrily kissing his neck and rubbing herself against his erection. When he kissed her back, her body sang like a plucked lute string.

    “Bed!” Simon mumbled. His kisses felt as hungry as her own.

    The heat of her desire burned through her, washing away rational thoughts and leaving a raw physical need to be satisfied.

    When his hands wandered to her buttocks, she wrapped her arms around his neck, lifted one leg, then the other and wrapped them tightly around his waist. She pressed her breasts and nipples against him. Their kisses were fierce, bruising her lips.

    Anis didn’t care, as long as Simon’s arms were around her. As the sense of his need washed through her, it wiped away the dark and silent terror within.

    She didn’t realize he’d taken her to the bed until he put her on it. He lay beside, nuzzling her neck.


    Anis almost died with pleasure when Simon's arm reached across her to cup her breast and squeeze her nipple. The unexpected shock sent sharp slivers of delight arrowing through her.

    Heart hammering and her breath catching with short little gasps, she wriggled and arched her back, then turned her head to see his wicked grin.

    Anis’s world collapsed under the onslaught as he began nibbling her neck, tracing long seductive lines of kisses from her ear to her shoulder. Each nibble made her tremble as they left a burning sensation on her skin. She grasped his hand, forced it harder against her breast and wished he could touch her all over, all at once, releasing the thousand knots of fear and worry log-jammed inside her.

    Simon expertly transferred his hand to her other breast and began assailing the first with his mouth, sucking her nipple hard through the thin cotton. His mouth, his hands, became the focus of her life as he licked, sucked and stroked her soul from her. The pleasure became so intense it ached from breast to groin, opening her up to him.

    When his hand slid down her body to work its way under her nightdress, she put her arms around his neck, drew him up and crushed his mouth with her kisses. His erection, long and hard, pressed against her thigh and instinctively Anis opened her legs, encouraging him to climb between them. The coarse fabric of his briefs doing wonderful things to her as it moved gently against her moist sex.

    Simon broke away from her long enough to let her catch her breath and pull her nightgown off. Then he lay over her again, the feel of his chest, hot and rough against her breasts, nearly sent her over the edge.

    “Not yet, my sweetest,” Simon murmured against her lips. “Not yet.”
    Denied her release, Anis struggled more. She moved her whole body against him, attempting to bring on what promised to be the ultimate climax. Yet he foiled her each time, just moving far enough away to provide a teasing titillation and not enough contact for her to orgasm.

    “Goddammit, Simon,” she growled between kisses. “When are you going to make me come?


    The desperate look in Anis’s eyes following her plea took Steve over the edge of control. He’d intended to tease and hold back, keep her on the edge of orgasm until she screamed for him to bring her to her peak.
    Yet her hungry, husky moan and pleading eyes tore away all restraints.

    “As soon as I can get rid of this.” Steve lifted off Anis long enough to fumble with his briefs, cursing at his inability to press the unsealing button. A simple task he did several times a day, which now eluded him.
    Anis gave a deep groan and sent his system into sexual hyperdrive. She slipped her hands between them, to help him lose the inhibiting clothing and free his raging erection. An erection he felt harden even more with every accidental brush of Anis’s hands and fingers.

    Finally, amidst the frustrated flurry of hands, one of them—and Steve couldn’t tell who—managed to press the small button. The briefs fell apart, and it took a second or less for him to tear them away and toss them on the floor.

    “Condom,” Anis moaned between kisses as he slid his legs between hers and nudged his penis against her slick lips.

    Voicing his own frustration, watching Anis’s eyes widen in shocked pleasure at the contact, Steve fumbled for the bedside cabinet while suckling at Anis’s breast. She gave a sharp cry and her fingers combed through his hair as she held him tighter against her breast, drove him closer to his own climax. How could he feel this way for a woman he’d only just met, a woman he was breaking all the rules of a bodyguard for? Simon didn’t know, didn’t care. For him—for this moment—Anis was his world and everything he ever needed.

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