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    Default Cyberius III Excerpt 2 - Adult Content

    If only she could trust Jonathon. He'd been trained in this kind of thing hadn't he? He'd be able to get them back unseen, she was certain of it. But why should he? Why would he fight against his own people? Sherri was too much of a realist to think he'd give up on his political loyalty just for her.

    God! Why did she always feel so weak when she thought of him? Why did she want him so much? Aside from the fact, she grinned foolishly to herself, that he gave her the best sex she'd ever had.

    Ignoring the tightness in her nipples and the moistening between her legs Sherri determinedly continued towards the far side of the hanger. Not stopping until she reached her target. A small craft, barely larger than a magcar. She reached out to stroke the undulating metal skin. A huge bubble of Plasglass revealed just two seats inside, and a small storage space behind it.

    Not a craft for long journeys, the XV34 Stealth Intruder was designed to get you in under, around and through any enemy detection technology—fooling everything except the human eye, by which time it was generally too late. The hull was alive with a constant shimmer.

    A spike of fear went through Sherri. She would likely die, she realized, trying to free her world, but she had to try. For her people, for their freedom, she had to. At least this ship would get her close enough for the attempt.

    "The bed in the TR45D Mobile Base has an antigrav setting."

    Sherri gasped in shock as Jonathon slid his hands around her from behind her and settled them tenderly on her tummy. With a little pressure he eased her back until she molded easily against his warm body. Spikes of fierce desire fanned out from his touch to her nipples and clitoris, she felt helpless. She felt wild. She felt ... loved?

    "Fancy making love in Zero-Gee?" Jonathon's warm voice tickled against her ear, his warm breath sending a flush of lust to her cheeks. "I've been told it has sensations that are out of this world." His erection butted hard against her buttocks, melting Sherri even more. Didn't he ever go soft? In spite of herself she smiled and leaned further back into his arms.

    His hands slid around to her hips, hesitated as he felt her gun, then he moved them up to cup her breasts and gently stroke them. Sherri held onto him, frightened that if he let her go she would fall. She suddenly felt so weak, helpless. She turned her head, her lips clamoring for his kiss. He deftly lifted her, turning her, so that as their lips met she was trapped between him and the hard curving body of the Stealth Intruder.

    Her body was on fire and she ravenously ground her groin against his. Yet Sherri would have laughed if her body hadn't been so demanding. There wasn't much difference between Jonathon and the ship. Jonathon was certainly stealthy, in the way he could sneak up on her, steal her heart, and Sherri's breath came in short gasps between kisses, she really couldn't wait until he intruded....

    Sherri's sense of duty tried to force it's way to the surface. "Later," she pleaded, wrapping her arms around his neck pulling him harder against her. "Must save the colony." She kissed him with a voracity beyond her normal
    ravenous hunger.

    Jonathon tore open the front of her shirt, feasted on her breasts and nipples. Too helpless to resist Sherri wove her fingers in his hair, She began to moan as his tongue rasped and teased her, the delicious pulse of her arousal beat harder and faster. It was too hard to think, to focus on anything other than the things Jonathon was doing to her, and the sensations that were starting to overwhelm her.

    "Together," Jonathon murmured, releasing her nipple from his expert tongue for a moment. "We'll go together. Later."

    Before she could respond he fell to her other breast with the ferocity of a starving dog. The intense feelings sent her spiraling rapidly into a well of need.

    "Jonathon," Sherri pleaded, rubbing her mons against him frantically, desperate to ease the itch she felt.

    "I know."

    Sherri noticed, pleased, that his voice was as strained with desire as hers. He leaned back, giving her a chance to catch her breath, then he took the tops of her pants in his hands and unfastened them. It didn't open far enough. Jonathon growled once, a deep hungry growl, and she heard the pants rip, felt the cool air fan against her moist labia as he pulled her panties aside and then felt his oh-soglorious penis nudging against her.

    "Oh, yes!"

    Sherri's cry of pleasure hummed deep in her throat as Jonathon thrust into her, hard. The cold metal of the ship was a sharp contrast to the heat of their joining. Yet, instead of chilling her, it excited her more. She felt enslaved to her needs, was fully in his control, and she was loving it.

    Wrapping her legs harder around his waist she pulled him deeper, responding to each thrust with movements of her own. Jonathon's scent, mingled with hers, aroused her more. Her blinding lust intensified and raged through her. Then the fire came, an explosion of light that peaked between her legs and burst through her, draining every sense, every ounce of strength in her limbs. Whimpering, she bit lightly into Jonathon's shoulder as her body was wracked with wave upon wave of overpowering climax. Then he shuddered, flooding her with spasms of his own need.
    She was still weeping a little as Jonathon carefully lowered her to the ground and held her tenderly.

    She smiled throughthe tears at his concerned expression.

    "It was beautiful." She whispered. Not knowing what else she could say.

    It was, in fact, all she had the strength to say.

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