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    Default Poetic Prose for Teri

    Having no more excerpts (since I only have two books LOL) I'm going to put up some of the poetry that changed my life. This is one of the first, a love poetic prose, sent when I was courting my wife over the internet. (I lived in England, she lived in America.) I found out after I married her that it was this set of poetry which convinced her to say "I do".


    I watch the moonlight on your face. Tonight, this night. The curtains cracked open, no more than an inch and you lie, beside me, before me.

    Huddled like spoons your warmth and mine, together. Your face framed in the ray of silver light, enhancing, glowing. I lay my arm around you pulling you near to a soft, sweet murmur of delight. Yet you sleep, enamoured in your dreams. I watch you. Feeling in my heart, no other could be here like this, no other could be the one, the thing I need. You are my life. As you breathe, each breath a pleasure, guarantees your nearness. The apex of my love, founded in you, soft, warm.

    Your hair, silver in the glistening corona, shines, frames and wanders tenderly about your face. Soft face, so calm, so sweet. Pure as the purest stream and refreshing my life, my love, each night as I lie awake and watch. Watch you, love you. Though I too should sleep I yearn each day for this moment of tenderness, when your trust and vulnerability are left to me to protect, to shield.

    I will love you, I will love you to the last of my breath, though they take my soul, my body, my mind. I will love you. Whilst there is spirit within me, none shall take that away. And even from the depths of hell or the heights of heaven I will love you then. Even more so for you are that which most enlivens me. My life, my love.

    Softly, softly in your sleep you turn. Eyes, still closed in tender dream to snuggle closer, warmer, feeling my arms wrap strongly about you, protecting, caring. I watch.

    And as the moonlight moves and fades so still I watch, for there are many days when even pleasure like this is not mine to share, for you are not here. I am not there. But in my mind I watch. In my dreams I lie with you whilst silver light and fairy streams are woven, taut, about you. Holding you, loving you.

    I watch. I watch and long for that moment, that time when love again can rise and glow within your eyes, when the dawning sun is dimmed by the passion within, the love, the need, the you.

    And then, I know, as I watch now, so too will you.
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