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    Default Cyberius III Excerpt 3

    For the second time that night Sherri was angry. She’d been moments away from what she knew was going to be the best sex of her life and was now being dragged by a Mil buffoon through streets so dark that she couldn’t see to the end of them. Okay, so he was a handsome, sexy, I-want-to-ravish-his-bones type buffoon. It didn’t change the fact he was a buffoon.

    With a shock Sherri realized she had no idea what he was. Especially now, as he dragged her from shadow to shadow, purposely choosing the path of least light--his behavior wasn’t that of a new Mil shuttle pilot. Hadn’t she been thinking earlier that he could have sabotaged the sensors?

    Jonathon moved, and acted, as though he had years of military experience behind him. Experience he wouldn’t have had through mining or agri. Now that something very serious had gone wrong at South Colony, he was dragging her away with him. Sherri decided she ought to be very afraid.

    If only her body would believe that!

    She’d been so aroused by his touch, so eager to allow him to take her, that even now her body ached so hard it hurt.

    “What’s happening?” Sherri demanded, breathless from the fast running.

    “Why are you taking me to the tower?”

    “Didn’t you hear the explosions?” Jonathon snapped a glance back at her before weaving to another dark zone across the street.

    Sherri felt like the heart had been ripped out of her.


    “Explosion in the power core for one. We have to get out before…"

    Sherri turned, tried to pull him the other way. She had to get to the core,
    stop it spreading....

    “Don’t be stupid!” Jonathon shouted angrily. “You’ll just get yourself killed.”

    “Let me go,” Sherri demanded. “The colony will die if we come back and there’s no power.” She struggled harder against his grip.

    Before she could blink Jonathon had swung her around, hands on her shoulders, and pinned her against a nearby wall. She opened her mouth to protest more when, suddenly, his lips were on hers. Hungry, demanding. Her body belied her brief struggles as the fire in her groin burst and she kissed back. Crushing her lips against his in an effort to douse the need she felt, she pushed her body against him, rubbing greedily. Reveling in the effect she had on him that had his erection pressing hard against her through the thin fabric of her dress. Jonathon responded, holding her buttocks as she lifted her legs around him. He ground his groin against her, leaving her breathless, floating in a sea of want.

    When he pulled himself away, gently lowering her legs, she could barely stand. He put one hand against the wall and leaned on it, his mouth inches from hers, his face strained with passion and a look of uncertainty. She reached up, touching his face and he gave her a huge grin that melted away any last traces of her anger.

    “Damn, you’re so sexy when you’re angry.”

    “Jonathon, the power…” God, why did she have to sound so pleading.

    He caught her cheek in his hand, his look was full of compassion, a look that nearly broke the dam holding back the desperation in her.

    “I know how you feel, Sherri,” he told her, stealing a small kiss that sent fireworks sparkling through her, distracting her worry. “But trust me. We have to go to the tower. We’ll do what we can from there."

    “Okay,” she agreed, hoping she was making the right choice. Wishing he would kiss her again.

    Jonathon stepped back, holding her hand as he led her to the tower. There were two more explosions in the colony before they reached the tower, by the fifth Sherri had given up hoping they were accidents. A slow, simmering anger began to build in her. Someone was destroying her colony. Her people would be coming back to die. She began to formulate emergency plans in her mind. Delayed migration, extra supplies saved from the harvests. Maybe she could have the Mil and Civvie engineers come back next week and assess the damage. She had four years to plan, in four years they should be able to prepare. If she got back to North Colony alive.

    At the tower Jonathon slowed and double-checked every doorway and hall before entering the building. A sixth explosion, more council offices, Sherri guessed, rocked the colony as Jonathon finally led her into the tower. Her heart sank as she looked at the bank of nearly lifeless monitors.

    “The computer systems,” she said. “They’ve--“

    “No longer working,” Jonathon agreed.

    He checked the locker room then eased her into it.

    “Get your heat suit on. We have to get to the shuttle.”

    With trembling fingers she slipped out of the dress, feeling herself heat up at the memories of Jonathon’s hands on her breasts, and the desperate fire in his kiss. How would it have felt to have those lips where his hands had been, and his hands....

    Wearing only her panties, her bra was now part of a pile of rubble in her rooms under the council dome, Sherri quickly pulled the heat suit on, surprised that it was uncharged. The soft interior of the suit brushed smoothly over her skin, like Jonathon’s hands, and the front of the suit rubbed tantalizingly against her nipples that were still sensitive from Jonathon’s touch.

    What was it, she wondered, that prevented her from being afraid of this man. Especially now she’d come to understand just how dangerous he was.

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