Good afternooon class,

As I may have mentioned yesterday in an earlier lesson, in romance writing we tend to be attracted to the jaded males. Why? I think it's inherit in nature to want to comfort as a woman and the yummy jaded male beckons us to fix him. To love him in many ways.

While that's not always the case, I'm using him as our primary focus for this lesson because he's IMO the perfect study of what every man thinks or wants to be.

Again this is just my opinion.

Let’s go over the Archetypes first, then discuss how our Jaded Male Hero fits in.

There are Eight male archetypes. For the purposes of this course I’m going to list them but focus on only a select few since we’re concentrating on the darker side of men right now.

Male Archetypes Defined:

The Chief – The Ultimate Alpha. Think Christine Feehan’s Dark series. All her men are power, lust and bossy in one body but Mikhail Dubrinsky is the leader of the Carpathians. He is Alpha (yum!)

The Bad Boy – James Dean played this role. This guy does what he wants and aint nobody gonna tell him his business!

The Best Friend –Described as the Beta Hero, he’s a likable, dependable character. I’ve seen him in plenty of the Harlequin BLAZE lines. Christian from my Silk’s Vault Release “A Christmas Favor” was a best friend.

The Charmer – Oh this guy’s good! Many of the classic movies featuring Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire or Cary Grant featured this guy. Non committal, fun loving, a smooth talker, he’d have your number and a drink in hand. He’d be great company but he’s not the committing type.

The Lost Soul – We all knew someone growing up who was a great person, but seemed distant. A little out there in terms of sharing themselves with the world. That’s this guy. He’s secretive, and secretly probably harboring something inside such as a perceived tremendous fault that holds him back from his full potential as a lover or companion. Many of my heroes are Lost Souls because I know it very, very well. Think Zarek from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series.

The Professor – The Professor likes data, cold hard facts. Think Christine Feehan’s Drake Sisters novel, Dangerous Tides. The hero was a researcher who simply couldn’t believe in the magick of each Drake Sister.

The Swashbuckler – Up for discussion, but Vin Diesel from Riddick and A Man Apart. Action is this guy’s name. He has the coolness of the bad boy, and the leadership skills of the Chief! Also, Gene Kelly in The Pirate was a great Swashbuckler! Literally!

The Warrior – The man who fights for what’s right. Hercules or Bruce Willis in the Die Hard movies are both great Warriors.

There you have the eight male archetypes. The next question is: where does my Jaded Male fit in?