Hi all,

I am looking for a beta or critique partner for my historical fiction short/novella. My target is to one day submit it to the Harlequin Historical Undone line. If you're not familiar with the line you can read a little more about it here: http://www.eharlequin.com/articlepag...1363&chapter=0.

I am a first time romance author, so I am looking for just about any level of help. It would be great to get a partner familiar with HH Undone, or just shorter novellas in general, so that they could comment on my pacing. I also want to make sure the character development is working.

Heat: Per the guidelines, there is some heat to the novel. The sex is not erotica, however, and is pretty standard romance novel fare (at least, in the historicals I've read). There is only one sex scene as of now (which might be a problem for HH Undone, but I can't really get the characters in bed any faster...) Euphemisms are used, but I still think it's pretty spicy! If my beta would like to trade work, I am willing to accept a similar level of heat, but no erotica. I'm not familiar with the genre and wouldn't be very good at offering you advice on it

Maybe The Artist's Lost Muse ?

Arles, France 1888
Acquiring the work of Jonah Struik is Coralie Boisson's big chance to prove to the other art dealers at Boisson & Cie. that she is competent at her job. More than that, she can't wait to bring help her former lover's biggest rival steal the spotlight of the Parisian art world.

When Jonah finds out that Denis Boisson has sent his daughter to broker the deal instead of his son, he knows that the meeting is a joke. But there is a familiarity about Coralie that keeps Jonah from walking out. He senses he knows her, but how?

Can the two love to trust each other with their sordid pasts? Will they find redemption in each other, or will it end up another lonely night in Arles for the both of them?
Sorry, the blurb needs working on. But I hope that gives you an idea of the plot! Also, the hero is a gamma hero.

Time Frame:
No more than two months? It's only 12,000 words. But we can discuss through PM.

PM if interested of have questions