Our home feels empty after almost three years of having one daughter, then the other, staying with their families for one reason or another and it is time for us to consider down-sizing to something more suitable for the pair of us. We came to this house in 1978 as a family of five and this grew to six when my mother-in-law moved into a bungalow in the back yard. Now there's only the two of us, the garden's too big and we have more bedrooms than we can use. The project of the moment is culling the accumulation of possessions we've collected along the way and preparing our home for sale. It moves slowly, partly because of our age, but more due to our reluctance to leave familiar surroundings.
Retirement villages have benefits, but do not suit our needs entirely (one is a near-hermit handyman who can fix almost anything for grandchildren and the other has a well-established social network). This means we are proceeding towards an unestablished goal from a point we are not sure we want to leave.
Logic decrees a move, emotion says stay!