As an author of historical romance, there’s no escaping the different role women had in the past. In the 18th and 19th century, for a woman to amount to anything she had to marry…and to increase the chances of marrying it helped not only to be wealthy…but appealing to men.
The sort of woman a man considered an ideal mate, was openly discussed…and enough to make modern toes curl. In 1913, (note: less than a 100 years ago!) The lace w:st="on">Strandlace> magazine asked some noteable men of the day their views on ‘The Sort of Woman a Man Likes.’
F. Frankfort Moore wrote:
“She should confine herself to the language of angels if she wishes to be liked by men…Men do not want a polyglot; they want one who will put the kettle on.”>>
(NB. Is your blood boiling yet?)
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