Part of my past life as an engineer was spent lecturing at what is now a local university. In doing so, I discovered a love of teaching.
When I retired from engineering and became a writer, I attended several short courses in writing, only one of which could be considered successful, and by the time I'd had five books published I was ready to try my hand at doing it better. Eight years later, I run two to three courses a year in our adult education system with a very high satisfaction rating in exit surveys and have a ball doing it.
A recent change in legislation required an update of my teaching qualification and part of the course was dedicated to on-line teaching, which I found fascinating, and I've just been given a deadline to develop a wholly on-line version of the writing course. Having converted one session and run it as a trial as part of the teaching update course, I thought the rest would be easy, but I was wrong.
I'm having to rethink nearly every aspect of the course because it depended so much on my personality and classroom skills. My initial version was appalling, but like any first draft, it's given me a framework to manipulate and the deadline no longer looks so threatening.
Wish me luck.