Yep, I'm one busy girl! Recently, I've re-released Angel's Fire, Demon's Blood (I'm just waiting for word from my publisher, Wild Horse Press, for the official date), and I've sent Moonlight Deception to the publisher. In between all of that, I've been working on a new paranormal romance entitled Tears of Blood. I'm halfway through and couldn't resist sharing the cover with my friends, as well as the upcoming back cover blurb!

Tears of Blood will be Book 3 of The Blood Chronicles, which I’m hoping to have released by December.
Tears of Blood is a paranormal romance novel re-introducing Amado Gianni (known as Armand Gerino in the Hollywood Days of the 1920s). His death, before the grand event of talking movies, sent millions of fans into mourning and catapulted him into more than one realm of eternal life.
Elodia Deville is a woman of our era. Divorced, struggling to make ends meet in the crime ridden town of Bentham, New Jersey, she’s unprepared for the savior that appears the night she was attacked.
She’s unprepared in more than one way–Elodia is blind.
How did the unusual storyline come to me?
I’ve always been a big fan of movies from the 1920s, where the actors had to ply their field far more carefully than they do in today’s society. Acting involved the body, the face, and the hands. Watch any silent Chaplin film—can you ‘see’ what he’s conveying without words? Doesn’t your eyes fill with tears when he looks at the screen, sadness apparent in those large eyes, a tremble echoing in the line of his chin? I’ve hundreds of favorite actors from that era–the Gish sisters, Chaplin, any of the Keystone Cops, the notorious Fatty Arbuckle, Navarro, Lon Chaney, Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickfair, and the sultry eyed Rudolph Valentino.
We’ve all read about the power of a vampire.
Once they stare into your eyes—you’re lost.
What if you’re blind?
To me, that’s as intriguing as a vampire with amnesia. **grin**
Once the darling bad boy of the silver screen, Amado Gianni had swept through Hollywood with his dark good looks and his sultry charm. One night, and a chance encounter with a dark soul, had taken everything from him. He was left a shadow in the modern world, in a constant battle of good and evil.

Elodia Deville was a lost soul, battling the inescapable odds that were mounting against her. Blind, with a human evil seeking to destroy her, she was unaware of her appeal to the world of the undead.

Fate would join them in a battle of survival, one that would lead to tears of blood.