I’m doing the HAPPY DANCE today! I stopped in, which is unusual for a Saturday, but I finally had a chance after a week worths of crazy college tests and homework. Hopefully, I can dash out close to 2000 words today on Tears of Blood, my upcoming paranormal romance and Book 3 of the exciting Blood Chronicles. You know, Bentham, New Jersey, becomes more mysterious each time I write!
Meanwhile, I found this wonderful review for My Lord Raven, my contemporary romance, at Amazon! ***My thanks to S. Atkins for enjoying Dante’s tale of lost love ***
~~5 Stars!~~
Have you ever had a dream at night in which you saw a beautiful strangers’ face with intense clarity? Have you then thought this could be the love of your life?
Dante Burroughs is a man, who has his feet firmly planted in reality: This strikingly handsome British nobleman is not only the heir of a vast family fortune, he also managed to make more of it by running an internationally successful company, establishing him further as a pillar of the picturesque British countryside community he lives in. A community just as rich in history as Dante’s ancestry, which is shrouded by the mists of time.
One thing is very clear though, and it constantly interferes with Dante’s private life: The image of an incredibly beautiful woman haunting him in his dreams. Along with his vast inheritance a portrait was passed along to him as well: The portrait of Raven’s Lady, a mysterious young woman, who fell in love with one of Dante’s ancestors, but disappeared and thus sparked a quest for her bound to last for centuries …
In “My Lord Raven”, Tamela Quijas presents not only a powerfully told love story superbly interlaced with sensual dream sequences, but also the history of an influential British family. Dante finds the woman of his dreams in an unlikely place, but the quest doesn’t end there, because, as we all know, it’s never easy to turn one’s dreams into reality.