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If the question is "Censorship?", the answer is "No!"

That was the easy part.

Protecting minors isn't as easy. Children should be educated in a way that they can make their own decisions, they should learn values, and they should understand why keeping up values is good for them.

But what values are good, and where do they need protection? I can't make that decision for anyone else but me. Personally, I think that nudity and sex are as natural as thunderstorms. You should not have fear, but accept them as such. A thunderstorm can be beautiful to look at, and there's nothing wrong with getting wet, but you wouldn't expose yourself to a lightning strike without caution, and you'd better not catch a flu.

My 5c.
I do think that each parent/guardian should get a say in what their child/children get to read. My kids don't know all there is to know about sex, however, I feel it should be my decision when I talk to them.
I like your comparison of censorship vs lightning strike.

Thank you for your response.