"Your panties will be bunching"
Sweet Irish Kiss is a seductive, erotic,and spine intingling romance; a page-turner that keeps you riveted from beginning to end!
Filled with oh arrr moments, and an Irish gentleman with a body you just wanna run your fingers along. This read is for all the ladies who like the heat turned up. It's tanalizing and titillating!
Jo has portrayed the emotions well throughout this quick read, descriptions are well placed , where we can almost envisage what we are reading ** wink wink **
Sweet Irish Kiss is ideal for any Romance and erotic readers out there, who like a little hanky panky in there read.
At only 34 pages long, if you like your reads hot then this is for you! It's fast paced, intriguing ** wink wink ** and certainly has your heart racing and pulse flitting! Your Panties will be bunching and you will be sitting on the edge of your chair to wait and see what goodies Shaun has packed in his overnight bag ** grins **

A must read ! It will be a quickie you wont forget !