Welcome to Jackson Station where no one is what they seem:

Jackson Station is a quiet town home to only a few hundred residents. Nestled high in the mountains of Tennessee it hides a secret community of creatures, some bound to the night, some tied to the moon, and one who serves only God. The Sinners series begins with "The Society of Sinners" available in e-book as well as in print, and
coming soon "Wicked Sinners"

Book 1- The Society of Sinners
He carried himself with the grace of a predator, and she entertained herself with the fantasy, that he would throw her over his shoulder, and continue straight inside, where he would make love to her all night. When he caught sight of her, a smile appeared at one corner of his mouth, and something inside her chest shifted. She wished she were normal in that moment. She wished she were a regular woman welcoming home her husband after a long day, instead of being forced to live a half-life filled with blood and lies.
“I thought I’d be stuck cooling my heels since I’m early, but I see you’re ready to go.”
Her eyes moved over his black form fitting t-shirt, and the jeans that hugged him in all the right places.

“I was excited,” she admitted.
That half smile was back, the one that showed just one dimple in the corner of his mouth. His eyes dropped to her feet, before slowly returning to her eyes, in a look so hot, that she felt scorched beneath it.
“I was feeling a certain amount of… anticipation as well.”
Damn, she was in trouble with this one.

Cherish looked so sweet in her pale yellow shorts and matching top. Everything about her screamed innocence, and he desperately wanted to corrupt her in every way. A slight flush covered her skin, and he could see her hardened nipples through her shirt. His heart rate kicked up at the sight, and he knew it was time for them to go, before he did something he’d regret. There was this emotion building up in his chest, that he couldn’t put a name to but he greatly feared it was excitement mixed with pride. He planned a surprise for her, and he wanted her to see it. He shouldn’t care, logically he knew it, but it was there, and he found he was unable to block his emotions when she was around, so instead of falling on her like some sort of starving dog, he waved an arm in the direction of the Jeep.
“After you,” he offered.
Cherish walked around him with a visible swish of her hips, but when she got to the door of the Jeep, she must have realized she was too short to get inside by herself, and she was forced to wait on him to help her up, which he did by cupping her ass to give her a lift up. He also gave it a little extra squeeze for good measure. He climbed behind the wheel, and then reached behind the seat handing her a single rose. She smiled sweetly before touching it to her nose.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

In that moment, he wished he were normal. He wished he were a regular man, with something more to offer her than death and lies.