The Department of
Prime Intelligence and Counter Terrorism

"We, the agents of the department of Prime Intelligence and Counter Terrorism, swear before God, and before the triumvirate of the Senatorial Council of the Federation of Terran alliances, to protect the lives of the people of the Federation. We will seek peaceful solutions to the dangers that come from outside the Federation and from the misaligned elements within our society itself. If force is deemed neccessary we will take action to eliminate the source of danger, keeping the public safe from the knowledge of violence in their midst.

We Pledge to enrich the lives of our citizens who are paramount to the success of the Federation's peaceful expansion into the universe and to deflect and/or eliminate any dangers they may encounter in this continued growth.

We will always, regardless of bonds of family, loyalty and beliefs, defend the people of the Federation, unto death."

"This we pledge, until we die."