I finally broke down and created my own vampires, but this isn't your average vampire world. It's very much like our world except humans are the minority species and vampires rule. Check it out:
The sunís not the only thing thatís too hot to handle.

President Vardin isnít the first vampire politician to make empty promises. Humans can work at night, he says. Humans will be safe on the streets, he says. Itís all bull. Iím still stuck on day shift at Langleyís Round The Clock Emporium, trying to earn enough to live from night to night.

If I thought the sunís harsh rays had turned society upside down, watch what happens when I witness a murder in the alley. The police keep bombarding me with questions until a detective with a bad attitude walks in and takes over. Heís unbelievably hot, way out of my league, and way, way out of my comfort zone. Because heís the one thing I fear most. A vampire.
Then I learn why the police seem so interested in me. My ex-husband is drawing a series of murders in his new comics. Iím in every one of them, and it looks like Iím supposed to be the last victim. The detectiveís interest in my pastóand his protective instinctsóare bordering on unprofessional, but I canít seem to bring myself to care.
Because the last place I should want to be is the safest place on earthÖa vampireís embrace.
Warning: If you like your vampires sparkly and emotional, donít read this book. It contains an overworked, underpaid, bloodsucking hero who might break your heart.

Day Shift available November 15, 2011