and that was to find out what happened to Devon. It was the only way she could move on with her life because she'd loved him. Still did if she was honest with herself. He'd been everything to her, just like she'd been everything to him.

"Where are you, Devon?" Lucretia whispered to the skies as soon as she was out the back door of her house. "You wouldn't of up and left me without a word if something wasn't wrong."

Something was wrong, Lucretia. And it still is. But I will make it right if it's the last thing I do.

"Hello?" She said, looking around to see if anyone was nearby as she was certain she'd heard someone talking to her. "Is anyone there?"

I'm here Lucretia. But it's not the right time for you to see me yet. But soon sweetheart, I will return and then we can be together like we were before.

"Devon?" Lucretia blinked, not believing she could hear Devon's voice as if he were standing before her. How was that even possible? No one was around.

You're not crazy, baby. You can hear me in your mind just like I can hear you. Don't you know by now that you're special. You have a gift. One not many people have. You can hear the thoughts of those around you.

"Where are you?"

Close by for now. Just keep talking to the sky like you are and I'll be able to hear you.

"Why don't you just show yourself?"

Because there are people watching and if I reveal myself you'll be in danger as well.

"Why?" Lucretia asked, her voice quivering. She needed to know the truth of why he'd left all those years ago. "Why did you leave me?"

Why else? To keep you safe Luce. You were the only shining light in my life and I couldn't allow you to fade out. And that's what would of happened if I didn't leave. The people after me would have killed you if they thought I cared for someone the way I did you.

Tears slipped down her cheeks because of his sweet words. Because never once had he admitted how he really felt, although she knew he loved her. She could feel it in the way he made love to her, the pure tenderness in his actions. The way he watched her when he thought she wasn't looking.