"Really?" Lucretia asked, unable to believe that the real estate agent she'd hired to sell the house had someone already interested after the house being on the market for less than two hours. Or was Mr. Sellers just good at his job?

"Yeah. If you wouldn't mind I'd like to bring them out there and show them around the property."

"Sure, but not today."


"Because I'm busy and I have to leave for a while and won't be back and I don't want anyone on my property that doesn't belong here."

"Um, sure. Is everything okay there?"

"Everything is fine." She answered, wishing people would stop asking her that. She'd been fine ever since she'd faced the reality of Devon never coming back. Which had taken her five years to do. "But I have to go."

Then before Mr. Sellers could say anything else, Lucretia disconnected. She couldn't talk any longer because she wanted to continue speaking with Devon. Even if it wasn't face to face.

"Why can't I sell this place Devon? There's nothing here for me anymore. You're not here."

You can't sell for two reasons. One this place has been in your family for generations, can you really truly be happy anywhere else?

Lucretia thought about it, pondering her answer. Could she be happy living somewhere else when all her memories of her childhood were here? Not to mention her memories of her and Devon together.

She shook her head. "I guess not. What's your other reason?"

Because there's a book hidden somewhere in your house that can help people like me.

"People like you...What do you mean by that?"


"What are you saying?" Was he dead? Lost to her forever.

That I'm a ghost.

Many emotions darted across her face -- fear, anger, concern. What had happened to him all those years ago?

However it's not what you think. I didn't die.

"Then how did you become a ghost?"

Because I didn't do something that someone wanted me to do.

"And what was it someone wanted you to do?"

Kill the one I love.