Doors and windows secure, Lucretia headed towards the kitchen. Wind whipped around the house outside causing the walls to groan. The sound of classical music drifted through the air. Turning her head quickly, she noted the ancient Victrola located in the parlor. Around and around went the record, the scratchy tunes filling the air and sending shivers down her spine.

Gulping, Lucretia left the haunting music and continued to the kitchen. The swinging door pushed open causing a squeal to rent the air. The noise grated on her nerves, and she whispered to herself, "I might need to grease that."

Step by step she continued into the room. Before her was the hutch which encased what she thought she sought. There was a drawer within the hutch which had been off limits to her. A lock rested upon it. Several times, as a child Lucretia had snuck into the room and stared at hutch thinking to pry it open only to be caught in the act and sent on her way. But now there was no one here to stop her.

Before breaking the lock, Lucretia ran her hands over the wood of the hutch searching for a key. It was logical that grandmother and mother would have kept it close by. Empty handed in the next few moments she realized she would need another way.

Break it open...


We need the book.

The slamming of doors and other unlocked drawers were heard as she pretended to ignore the imaginary person talking to her.

Luce, we have to get that book. Without it you won't remember and without remembering you will never be able to help me.

Lucretia swiveled, hands rested on her hips as she tried to search out where the disembodied voice was coming from. "Why can't I see you?"

You will. But first we have to find the book. We have to find it before...

"Before? Care to finish. I have to tell you Devon this is not funny anymore. If you have rigged this place with a microphone and you’re just piping in your words or you paid someone to break in and scare me then I'm not happy. If you don't give me something more I'm not going to move from this spot!"

Rooted to the ground she waited for something to happen. But she didn't get what she expected. Lights flickered on and off, the music from the other room stopped and started, doors rattled, chairs scooted, and then all was silent. Lucretia spun around in a circle trying to take it all in.

A breath of hot air was felt on her neck as she heard, Are you convinced now?