Lucretia nodded her head, yet she wasn't entirely certain she was convinced. What did she have to gain from finding this book? Would it really bring Devon back and the happiness she felt when they were together?

"Okay, so where should I look first?"

The better question is where would your mother or gran hide something they'd want no one to find?

She smiled, remembering all the places her mother used to hide things. Every time, Lucretia had found the presents her mother had bought her. Her favourite toy her mother hid from her for being naughty.

"I'll tell you something, Devon, it wouldn't have been my mum that hid the book because she knows I'd always find it. I knew all her hiding places and she never changed them."

So that leaves your gran. That's good, Luce. Now where would she hide something like that book so no one would find it?"

Lucretia thought about it for several moments with a smile. She had known her gran just as well as she'd known her mother. "Knowing Gran, she would have hid it outside. She was always a green thumb. I bet she hid it among the last roses she ever planted if I knew her as well as I think I did."

Then that's where you need to start looking.

"Sure, but first let me get a shovel to dig."

Lucretia headed for the door to the outside, walking past the dozen or so pictures hanging off the wall. They were of her family, many containing her and her mother. Showing how close they'd been in her younger years.

Tears glistened in her eyes for a second, before she realised thinking about it wasn't doing her any good.

Hurry up, Luce. Time's a wasting.

Once she got to the door, Lucretia opened it and stepped outside. She walked out the back, the door slamming hard behind her. She headed for the old steel shed at the back of the property, the moonlight shining down on to the rocky path to guide her way.

As soon as she reached the shed, she opened the rickety doors and slipped inside. Lining the walls were different tools -- hammers, rakes, shovels -- that they'd used over the years. She reached up, and grabbed a shovel down, holding it firmly in her hands like she'd done as a teenager when helping out her father.

Come on Luce. Keep moving. We have to find that book so I can come back to you before it's too late.

"What do you mean too late?" She asked, scared by what Devon had said. Could he not come back after being transparent for so long?

The witch that has my body is going to kill me if I don't join back with my body.

Lucretia raced as fast as she could out of the shed, and across to the rose bushes. But as soon as she stopped in front of them, she noticed something in the distance.

Someone was watching her.