An eerie feeling passed over her. The shadow of a man rested causally against the trunk of a tree. A cigarette clenched between his teeth, glowed red.

Ignore him. Keep digging.

Dirt flew over her shoulder as she worked at the hard packed earth. The rose bushes hadn't been watered in quite some time and the ground refused to yield. Diligently she worked, every now and then glancing back at the tree.

Once when she turned, she noticed that the man had moved away. Releasing a pent up breath, she dug deeper. Earlier she had pried loose the hutch drawer only to find it empty. That was when the idea for the rose bushes had taken root.

On and on she dug, finally the sound of metal striking metal echoed around her. Dropping to her knees her hands dug fiercely at the loose dirt. An object was just below the first layer of ground.

Picking up the small locked box, Lucretia studied it in the moonlight.

You found it!

"Yeah, I did. But, what is it?"

Before Lucretia had time to search the box farther something struck her from behind. The last thing she remembered was a mouth full of dirt as she feel face forward upon the ground.


"You didn't have to hit her so hard."

"She had the box in her hands."

"Listen we may still need her. She may know other things."

"Trust me, she knows nothing. Her grandmother kept the secret of her identity from everyone."

"What about that boyfriend of hers? Do you think he will be a problem?"

The maniacal grin stretched across his face, before he said, "From what the old witch told me, Devon is no longer a concern."