"Don't talk about my mother. She's dead." Lucretia shrieked loud enough that anyone miles away could hear. She hated talking about her mother, the things that had happened between them that could never replace the bond they'd shared when she was younger.

No she's not.

Lucretia paused, not knowing what to say to Devon's words. How could her mother have been in hiding all this time? Why had she let her think she was dead?

"How do you know that Devon?"

Because she's been in contact with us spirits. Hoping beyond anything that we could help the fate she saw for herself and her daughter.

Lucretia frowned. Could Devon be anymore cryptic? What did he mean by what her mother had seen? Did she have powers just like Lucretia did? Did the sort of gift she possessed run in the family? Had her mother seen what was going to happen in the future through some sort of premonition?

She's in hiding, Luce.

"Where is she?" Luce asked with concern lacing her voice. She still loved her mother after everything that had happened. She didn't want anything to happen to her. Not now.

I don't know. I've tried to find her but it's impossible. It's as if she's hiding that aura that used to shine so brightly around her.

"You mean the one that surrounded her like she was an angel coming to take care of you if you were scared?"

Yeah that one. It always used to comfort me, even though she disliked me for no apparent reason.

"She didn't hate you, Devon. She just didn't want to see her little girl get hurt." Lucretia said, in hopes of comforting him with her words. She hated that her mother had been so cruel to a man that treated her daughter like a princess.

Couldn't she see you weren't a little girl anymore? That you had to make your own choices back then for better or worse.

"It's the fact that you made everything better is what scared her. She didn't want me to love someone more than I loved her."

And she saw that happening? That's why she made the deal.

"What deal?" Lucretia asked, although she was certain she already knew the answer had something to do with Devon being turned into a ghost. Her heart jumped with trepidation. How could her mother have done something to ruin her own daughter's happiness?

The deal with the witch that turned me into a ghost in hopes that she'd possessed my soul and give her the chance to steal the abilities that run in your family.

Lucretia sucked in a deep breath, unable to help it when Devon's words sank in. No, she couldn't lose her abilities. Not now that she'd just finally discovered them.